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Coffee Menu

The Glen Eyrie Bookstore offers a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks. Decaf espresso and dairy alternatives are available upon request.
Hot Drinks (Available in 12oz, 16oz, or 20oz)
*Available in hot or iced
White Mocha*
Caramel Macchiato*
Chai Latte*
Hot Chocolate
Hot Tea* 
Red Eye*
Cafe Au Lait*
Drip Coffee*
Cold Drinks (Available in 16oz only)
Italian Soda 
Italian Cream Soda
Mocha Blender
White Mocha Blender
Caramel Blender
Glen Eyrie's Own Coffee-Free Blenders
Similar to a frappuccino, just without the coffee!
The Palmer
Passionfruit, orange, and lime
The Queen's Cup
Raspberry and vanilla
The Denver
Apple, spice tea, cinnamon, and caramel
The Rio Grande
White chocolate, almond, amaretto, and vanilla
The General
White chocolate and orange
The Major Domo
Orange, passionfruit, and mango
The Castle Marzipan
Raspberry, almond, and vanilla
The Tropical
Coconut, passionfruit, and mango