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How to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea

Summer is fast approaching, and iced tea is a hallmark of the season! Learn from your favorite baristas what makes the perfect cup of iced tea.


     Summer is nearly here! As the weather grows warmer, our focus shifts from drinks that warm the hands and the heart towards drinks that refresh and brighten. Fortunately, many teas work well hot or iced!

     Brewing the perfect iced tea is a combination of elements, including the strength of the tea, steep time, and cool down method.

     Start with hot water and add your favorite tea. We recommend two teaspoons of tea per cup of hot water. Follow the timing recommendations to steep your tea. (Not sure what your steep time should be? Check out our tea timers!)

     Now that your tea has brewed, the next step is to cool it down. For black teas especially, the method of cooling is crucial. Black tea contains tannins, which can turn cloudy when exposed to ice too quickly. Instead of pouring over ice, add a cup of cool water and allow to cool slowly before pouring over a glass of ice. 

     If you prefer sweet tea, the best way to sweeten it is by using a simple syrup, which dissolves easily even in cold liquids. You can make your own by boiling equal parts sugar and water on your stovetop. Allow to cool before using to sweeten your tea.

     Now you have the perfect glass of iced tea! Not sure which tea to brew? Here are some of our favorites:




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